3 Cool Features of Lipowise

Yes, I said cool...

We proudly present you the #1 tool to assess body composition: a 1) Connected 2) Digital & 3) Smart skinfold caliper. After several years of testing and validation, Lipowise is now ready to simplify the daily life of thousands of health and sports professionals, supporting them maximising their athletes' body #performance 🏅.

With the main features of traditional skinfold calipers being improved, the Lipowise technology (the first-of-its-kind) is a non-invasive procedure with even higher simplicity of use and accuracy (of 0.1 mm).

So, compared to other skinfold calipers…


Lipowise is #wireless - automatically communicates with an iOS/Android/web app.


Lipowise is up to 50% #faster and more #reliable - it measures the thickness of the skinfold 200 times in the 2 seconds of the protocol, with high precision.


Lipowise provides not only better but #organised results - from data obtained through the processing of the right equations and parameters.

That's cool, right?!

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