6 Facts about Lipowise

Today in our blog we want to revisit our device, this time going a little bit deeper. 

We chose to highlight 6 facts about it. Are you already aware of them? 

 • Lipowise communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy with Android and iOS mobile APP´s; 

The Android/iOS Lipowise APP provides a total of 17 equations applicable to 17 possible skinfolds to estimate body fat percentage, all selectable according to the professional's preference; 

The End Tips have controlled rotation to guarantee a parallel surface on contact; 

It incorporates a Patented mechanism that ensures constant contact pressure over the full 0 to 100 mm opening range; 

It´s unique 100/second sampling feature allows it to profile and analyse  tissue compressibility; 

The App settings menu allows easy customization of its operation, allowing, for example, among others, to choose the protocol time (in seconds) of the measurement, or the time (in minutes) for the device to automatically turn off, to save battery power, if you forget. 

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