Fit & Pregnant

Body Composition and Pregnancy

The case of

Elite Women Athletes

A woman's body undergoes many transformations during the nine months of #pregnancy 🤰.
In the case of #elite women athletes, whether or not to begin a pregnancy, it’s a question of critical importance.

While it’s possible to maintain a healthy level of activity throughout the 9-month period, women are encouraged to directly consult their primary care doctor.

But, how can these professionals #assess and #screen pregnant ladies' body fat? 🏋️‍♀️💪

In such special conditions, some methods of monitoring body composition are not recommended. For instance, the #bioimpedance method (know as #BIA) consists of passing an electrical current through the patient's body. Thus, it becomes inappropriate for #pregnant women.

On the other hand, because #skinfold #calipers allow regional measurements and due to its #non-invasive nature, these tools are proven to be the most suitable ones 👶✔️ 

Although skinfold measurements are already being used in many #clinical settings, Lipowise has partnered with Hospitals to further develop #calibration #equations derived from pregnant women whose body fat was estimated with the best methods and models available.

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