Lipowise: a New Gen of Skinfold Calipers


A skinfold caliper is a non-invasive anthropometric technique regularly used to assess the nutritional status of clinical and non-clinical individual samples for evaluation of body composition percentage.


A skinfold caliper allows obtaining important anthropometrical data using a simple and portable tool, with a non-invasive and cost-effective procedure. Using regression equations, the skinfolds thickness measurement allows estimating the individual body fat.

However, this approach has some limitations and no evolution has been registered on the skinfold calipers recognized in the literature and used for health, sports and nutritional evaluations.

 Moreover, studies on the skinfolds compressibility pattern have not been explored because the available skinfolds calipers do not have this feature which needs to be complemented by data storage tools, namely for large scale studies.

 Efforts for developing new algorithms, for example, if based in dynamic tissue response are also limited by the traditional skinfold calipers. The integrated Lipowise system intends to contribute to those goals due to its novel characteristics.

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